Bolle sunglasses

I am looking for sunglasses that allow you to see through water! Cool right? I know they are out there because I used to have some they were made by Bolle and like every other pair of sunglasses out there were labeled ‘polarized’.
I would be telling passengers to look off the bow at the fish swimming in the water but they couldn’t see them and i would take off my glasses and yep sure enough, you couldnt see them. Glasses would allow you to see 10 feet into the water. If you know what kind of glasses these are please let me know.

Costa del Mar…580 Glass Lens…Best on the Market!

I use Rayban +p. any dark lens. I have found the colored or silvered lens don’t work so well.

Particularly the type of lens/frames that ‘wrap around’ your face to limit the amount of ‘sideways’ light entry.

[QUOTE=CoastalDPO;65361]Costa del Mar…580 Glass Lens…Best on the Market![/QUOTE]

Without any doubt. Maui Jim very close 2nd.

Thanks a lot!

[QUOTE=CoastalDPO;65361]Costa del Mar…580 Glass Lens…Best on the Market![/QUOTE]

got them when they 1st came out & they are the best. had to send them back due to delamination & had them back in 10days

Also take a look at Ocean Waves. Small company in Jacksonville,FL made primarily for fishermen.

Wore Costa 580’s for years till I got the courage to try a pair of Maui Jims.

I will NEVER buy another pair of Costa’s now…

Another vote for costa del mar sunglasses. 580 lenses is the only way to go

I have 2 pair of 580 lenses. One is mirror blue which has a grey shade and the other is a mirror green which has a brown shade (believe they call it copper) blue lens works better looking into water IMO and I like the brown while driving.

[QUOTE=sfmariner;65432]Also take a look at Ocean Waves. Small company in Jacksonville,FL made primarily for fishermen.[/QUOTE]

I highly recommend the Ocean Waves. I used Maui Jim for years until I tried the OW and I never looked back. I blue water fish a lot so good glasses are a necessity. Just put on a pair of Waves and the Maui glasses. No comparison once you look through them. The price is about the same but the quality is better and the warranty/repair is straightforward. I always felt like with the Costa’s I was paying more for their advertising budget than the quality of the glasses so I quit them many years ago though I see now they are actually using the same Japanese lenses all the better ones have been using for some time.Might try on a pair of the new 580 the next chance I get.

Any pair of high quality polarized glasses with GLASS lenses will be far superior to anything else you can buy. Expect to pay $125 - $200 for a good quality pair of glasses and don’t forget a glasses strap to keep them from falling off! Don’t worry about brand, find a pair that fits your face correctly. :cool:

Revo makes two awesome models. The waterway and the stern. Far superior to any costa pair I have ever owned!

I have three pairs of Kaenon polarized sunglasses, and prior to getting them, I had been a die hard Maui Jim fan for like 10 years. Trust me, Kaenon sunglasses are awesome. Here’s my gear review from last summer:

I have a pair of ocean waves and costa’s. I like the costa’s better but the ocean waves are easier and cheaper since I wear RX and I live in Jacksonville FL. I just walk in to the Ocean Wave store with a copy of my RX and pick out what I want 1 week later they are in my mail box. If you stop by the store in JAX beach ask for Travis he is one of the owners from my understanding and he will deal with you don’t be afraid of the sticker price. Tell him you work on the water and he will most likely cut you a deal.

I don’t know,but RayBan also can be used under water.