STCW Sail Endorsement?

Is there an STCW equivalent of the US sail endorsement? Is there any requirement for a sail endorsement if working overseas?

I don’t believe there is an STCW equivalent. Not on my MMC at least. But There most certainly is under the RYA system which covers most yachts.

STCW is only valid over 100GT. On anything. To get over a 100 ton sail license is different than an aux sail endorsement.

Sorry, I was referring to an auxiliary sail license over 100 grt.

My 500 grt master motor, steam, auxiliary sail is listed in the stcw portion of my mmc along with my 1600 ton master but I was wondering if an aux sail license is recognized/required on foreign ships or in foreign waters.

My 100 ton Aux Sail endorsement is listed on my STCW; I’m assuming because I have GMDSS & Oceans?