How to confirm MMC has all necessary endorsements

Is there any cheat sheet or easy to read guidance on what domestic and stcw endorsements are needed in an MMC to serve on an unlimited tonnage international vessel. My training /staffing dept has sent some improperly documented officers to my vessel who were not qualified to sail in the billets they were sent to fill. In one case missing the stcw component of the 1ae license
Example: can mariner x sail as 1ae on unlim tonnage/ unlim hp motor ship in international waters? What stcw roman numerals do they need and what domestic verbiage? Thanks for any assistance.

STCW - III/2, Chief Engineer and Second Engineer of 3,000 Kw or more.

Domestic - First Assistant Engineer

I’m pretty sure the text in the International Capacities section will say “second engineer”, which is the international version of the US “first assistant engineer” and they’ll have code III/2.


It sounds like the Training / Staffing department needs some more training and possibly new staffing.


Yes, but in the meantime I’ll have to expand my skill set to keep things in order.

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The COI should list the required STCW endorsements for every position somewhere on it so there’s no confusion but the USCG hasn’t gotten smart enough to do that yet.

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Look at the NMC checklist for the STCW endorsement. At the top in the last row under the heading “General Requirements” it will identify the national endorsement required to qualify for the STCW endorsement. Also as noted, the COI will list the required endorsements.

That would make it easy for sure, But unfortunately is not the current situation.

I find it a little concerning that the 1st A/E didn’t know he didn’t have credentials to sail international.

At the most basic level your staffing folks neet to know to flip open the MMC and see two distinct sections over multiple pages. Tell them if they don’t see a page that starts with “This credential has been issued under the provisions of the International Convention on Standards of Training Certification on Watchkeeping…” then don’t even continue the conversation. If they do, then they can check against the NMC checklists by position Cavo referenced above.