I just got this from Norleen Schumer, former head of REC Seattle:

"I have been receiving many many telephone calls from mariners concerning the STCW Codes on their new MMC credential.

The mariners who holds a deck or engineering licenses of 500 GRT or more, are having untold difficulties obtaining jobs in an unlicensed capacity because their new MMC’s do not carry the STCW code for Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch or Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch.

NMC’s stand on this issue is:

NVIC 6-00 enclosure 3 states that: “…If a mariner holds a license and MMD, only separate and distinct qualifications and limitations will be listed on the STCW form. Qualifications that are inherent within the license, such as qualifications as a rating forming part of a watch or proficient in survival craft, need not be repeated…”.

I know how diligent you all are when hiring for a position. You want to make sure that whom every you hire is STCW compliant, so I just wanted to pass this along and hopefully it helps both you and the mariner in the future."

Good stuff and thanks to Norleen for keeping us in the loop.

I guess it’s more of what I was told when I asked why my ARPA endorsement wasn’t on my MMC. She said that it was a “Negative Endorsement”. It will only state that you are restricted to vessels without ARPA if you don’t have it.

Come to think of it, the next time my wife tells me that I don’t say she’s pretty like I use to I’m going to explain what a negative endorsement is.
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soooo…according to STCW codes for limited tonage…master/II-2/management “trumps” mate/OICNW/II-1/operational “trumps” AB/RFPNW/II-4/support…it is all now so so crystaline…now someone please explain this to the HR “types” who do the hiring!!

The HR types say “II/Bad, mind the door on your way out.”

I just love the term “Human Resource”. It puts things in perspective.

Oil = Non-renewable resource
Humans = Renewable resource

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