Singapore Port

New LNG Bunkering vessel for Singapore to be built at Sembcorp Tuas Yard:

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Commercial drone delivery to ships in the anchorages, or passing in Singapore Strait has commenced:

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They would need many huge flotillas of drones to bunker a large ship; even to supply her galley…

One medicament, a pound of something, or a rarely used spice for the galley… OK.

No doubt automated ones with built-in eyedroppers, or tiny shovels for the heavy stuff.


Drone companies would make a fortune selling alcohol and tobacco products haha.

I don’t think anybody is talking about bunkering. There are enough bunker tankers in Singapore to take care of that.

No tobacco products. Have you been to Singapore lately?
Singapore is likely to be the first country to ban smoking altogether.

The first and last time I was in Singapore was two years ago, can’t recall seeing many smokers.

With the amount of seafarers that smoke they will probably still sell them at airports and to ships, even if they are banned for the local populace in shops.

I’m an ex-smoker, but would be happy to see tobacco products banned personally.

Singapore and no smoking
they have been very clever raising the age you can smoke by rolling it forward each year so one generation will never smoke.
Its 20 yrs old now, 21 next year etc.
You cant import even one cigarette
Chewing gum gone years ago

Singapore is looking for good ideas that can help in future disruptions of shipping and the maritime industry:

Anybody here who have some good ideas they want/need support to develop and/or promot?

Singapore is upping it’s game in Mariitime Arbitration:

Singapore Police Coastguard receives Fast Craft Simulators from Kongsberg nto improve training of new recruits and existing Officers:

All you have to do to stay ahead of the competition is plan 30, 40, 50 year ahead: