I am new here and I think gCaptain is great but

does anyone know if there are any other places like gCaptain (forum like) where people talk and exchange informations and opinions about maritime and offshore industry?
Maybe some Facebook groups. I found few places on Facebook and few forums but there are not active anymore.


Linkedin has discussion groups.

Since 2001 there is such a site called Kombuispraat (Galley Talk) but alas, it is in Dutch… But donot despair, there is something like Google Translate.

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One of the largest, oldest and best shipping and seafarer forums is this one:
Mainly populated by Brits, but not exclusively.

For those who are interested mainly in the Offshore Marine activity world wide, here is a very informative site:

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but what exactly? what is wrong with this forum? spit it out man! too many Americans here?

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Somebody please hook him up with the yacht forum.


Probably just wants more places to spam with adverts for his little document manager app, since we keep calling him out on his crap here.

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What? I love Americans best nation to work with and GoM is for me best place to do seismic. There is nothing wrong at all with this forum. It is one of most active forums I could find. And that’s the problem. Right now all forums are dying because everything is going Blue (Facebook). So I just simply asked if anyone know any other forum as active as this one.


Could you please stop whit this spam things.

I’ve got an old pair of Cajun Reebok’s(size 13) where I store all of my documents. For the low low price of only 3 payments at $19.99 they can be yours!


You’re the one spamming, so just stop.

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I’ve seen multiple small organization go from using forums to users unofficially using the facebook “group” for all communications. In each case it has been destructive to the health of the organization.

Facebook is garbage. It’s just a random pile of shit with no ability to reference past posts.


Try this Forum.

HOLY EFFING CHRIST! you are an OCS-B1 foreign mariner…aren’t you?

Lesson for you:
Right way- “Hey, I’m working on an app to track expiration dates on documents, I’d like to hear feedback on what you guys think, and if it’s worth paying for… yadda yadda, etc”

Wrong way- basically everything you did. Pretending not to be the writer of the app, and then creating a new thread when the first one got moved where it belonged and trying harder to not be the app writer. Then this thread to try and find other avenues of free advertising for your app.

We’re sailors, we can smell BS a mile away. Honesty will get you a whole lot further, and might actually get you some helpful feedback. That and from what I’ve seen, an iPhone app might get you more traction on here than an android one.


Also, what’s up with the permissions on your app, particularly this one?

What’s Facebook?


It’s a really good book you can’t keep your face out of.

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Indeed I am one of those OCS-B1 foreign mariners. And you see your comment is that what I like about Americans you say what you think.


We need to make sure that Trump and Congress becomes aware of the OCS-B1 visa problem.

The simplest way to bring back American jobs is to just stop issuing these unnecessary work visas to foreign mariners.