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On here there are only nick names and no face pictures… .! why hide?

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Why post “breaking news” in the professional mariner forum category as opposed to the maritime news category? Same for generic anode infomercials. Why have incessant links to Twitter and Facebook that the forum software flags as spam? Why post this very question in the prof mariner forum rather than the conveniently named gCaptain category?

Guess I’ll stop there. Because you know what they say, a fool can ask more questions than the wise man can answer.

I don’t hide.

Just ugly.


A chuckle sir.


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You da man Mario. Thanks for cleaning that up.

I have been on here for a short time and I still don’t know very well how to move in this forum…!
Sorry Mr. @KPChief

Will be nice to know your name.thank you. Mario

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A lot of people prefer not to post their name because of all the cowardly, back-stabbing coworkers that will stoop to any means necessary to get ahead. It is also a fact that companies have fired people for things they’ve posted online. Personal choice and one should respect that. DMs are better if you want to get to “know” someone.


Quimby, you make a point. Sometimes best to PM/DM .I am retired and don’t worry about those type of cowards. I like helping the young fellows out with questions I may be able to answer or help with. Some older,experienced Captains and Mates were there for me as a young fellow and helped my career. The old farts on here who are grumps (Not Many) on this site do not impress me. Most posters are decent fellows. On my personal boat, we had a cull box with a medium size shrimp net on my time off. We of course wanted the most shrimp we could get with soft crab as a bonus. We also had to cull the junk from the box if you get my drift.

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Wise words. I know some good people who would post great information on gCaptain but will not for fear of being caught out by their mates or company.

I don’t post my name. My picture is real. Have enough wackos trying to hack my shit.

Like you I didnt post my name either but my picture is also real.

“On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog”


Is there any real need to know anyone’s real name? I grew up in a network full of pseudonyms and nicknames, and didn’t really see anything wrong with it.

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The dog on the left, although fictional would like my Beardog. The Island people love her. Including a few of your City Council members Lee. Whoop de doo. They all love their pups down that way .IF you need quality tackle and fishing advice, check out my pal and tenant “Chris” at Oceans East Tackle in Nags Head. He will put you on the bite

I’m here under my own full name, as are a fair few others. It was a relatively easy choice, as I didn’t come in the door planning to say anything I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying in public. There is other, far more fertile ground for trolling.

It’s a double edged sword. On one hand, I am more inclined to take someone seriously if he speaks under his own name. On the other hand, I have to keep my nose clean, so as not to reflect poorly on my employer. You never know when a client with a grudge googles your name. I am also acutely aware that I belong to a small family with a name that is highly recognizable within the industry, giving me yet another reason to tread lightly.

As for those choosing to use a pseudonym, I understand them very well, especially what with the draconian tendencies of corporate culture.


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so you use a name but how do we know if that is in fact really who you are? this is the internet for Christ;s sake! for all we know, you might well be Francesco Schettino posting from prison? don’t like the dark glasses…very suspicious imo


Or dimitri from the KGB