I am new here and I think gCaptain is great but


and yet YOU continue to be employed on “OUR” OCS while thousands of American mariners are out of work? I am incensed and sickened…

yeah…I am sure all my fellow American brothers really appreciate that

please just go away now…


you know, I almost wished there were such a forum but know there could never be because that would require members who could both read, spell and compose. I mean…where in Dulac you gonna find even one?


“We need to make sure that Trump and Congress becomes aware of the OCS-B1 visa problem.”

They know.
I wouldn’t expect much help from Trump.


This is the best one out there for engineering, but solid all around.



How do you know he is a mariner, not part of the seismic crew on an American vessel with an American marine crew??


Americans don’t say “cheers”… pretty much a dead give away.


a face-book? ha ha, I don’t think i am going to look at another forum. It’s taken years to kinda get to know the folks here, a couple or more i’ve sailed with and when i have a engineering concern never has there been a dearth of cures and quite often a spin off into some entertaining slop chest. I ain’t switching horses now!