I am new here and I think gCaptain is great but


and yet YOU continue to be employed on “OUR” OCS while thousands of American mariners are out of work? I am incensed and sickened…

yeah…I am sure all my fellow American brothers really appreciate that

please just go away now…


you know, I almost wished there were such a forum but know there could never be because that would require members who could both read, spell and compose. I mean…where in Dulac you gonna find even one?


“We need to make sure that Trump and Congress becomes aware of the OCS-B1 visa problem.”

They know.
I wouldn’t expect much help from Trump.


This is the best one out there for engineering, but solid all around.



How do you know he is a mariner, not part of the seismic crew on an American vessel with an American marine crew??


Americans don’t say “cheers”… pretty much a dead give away.


a face-book? ha ha, I don’t think i am going to look at another forum. It’s taken years to kinda get to know the folks here, a couple or more i’ve sailed with and when i have a engineering concern never has there been a dearth of cures and quite often a spin off into some entertaining slop chest. I ain’t switching horses now!


If you have anything to say/discuss, just start your own webpage and say it there but provide your full style and don’t hide behind a letter. I work openly for >20 years and it works fine. http://heiwaco.com . Search engines find you, people link to you and suddenly plenty forums discuss what you think. Of course plenty forums will then ban you for life, but who cares about such shit?


and why that hasn’t happened to you here is simply beyond my comprehension


Well, I have more than 50 years experience of shipbuilding and shipping which certain people like. Of course many other hate me for it. They e.g. believe ships float on bow visors and deck houses with windows.


Me too, my psychotic friend, me too


I think your expertise would be better served as a co-host here. Have you been a guest yet?


I’m new here too. I haven’t seen this posted here anywhere yet. But you might find what you are looking for here:

The Mother of all Maritime Links site


There was a website maintained by someone connected to a law firm with offices at LAX. Whoever was maintaining it stopped a few years ago but the website is still up. Mostly aviation but many maritime incident/accident reports.



That was a great website. I wonder why they stopped updating the page? The firm is still in business.


Yes, but plenty people hate me and they don’t play with toys.