Singapore Port

PSA Marine take delivery of the first of their next generation of Harbour tugs:

Swiber will live on, but in a new role and new industry:

Now also reported in Fairplay:

Singapore is tightening up on the bunkering industry:

MPA will ban open loop scrubbers from use within Singapore waters from 01.01.2020:

Problems exist with Ballast Water Treatment systems:

The same problems may exist with scrubbers as well.

Singapore Port handled more containers, less oil an dry bulk in first 9 months of 2018:

While bunker sale dropped:

Singapore is aiming to keep it’s position as the world’s preeminent shipping hub through digitisation and skills development:

Jurong Port and M1 in collaboration:

Singapore gets competition as the world’s premier bunkering hub:

More competition; Which is best Cruise Port, Singapore or Hong Kong??:

Singapore Mega Container Terminal at Tuas will be a reality in 2027, but fully developed in 2040:

It is called advanced planning.

I’m not sure global shipping trade is going to expand for a while, maybe it will come good in 2040?

Automated cranes and more high tech stuff. Hmmmm… Tuas port will feature some advanced tech is good and all but what about jobs?

Singapore is short of workers of the type needed to operate ports. Most of the work force at present is foreign. Many commute from Johor every day while others come from India, Bangladesh etc.
Nearly the entire crews on harbour tug and bunkering tankers come from Indonesia.

If you should visit Singapore in the nearest few weeks, here is an exhibition worth seeing for anybody with an interest in the fairly recent maritime history of the Far East:

A video from the exhibition:

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New record for container handling set at Pasir Panjang Terminal in Singapore:

Singapore take steps to strengthen it’s position as the world’s leading shipping hub:

Now also by offering War Risk Insurance to shipping:

More maritime related firms open bases in Singapore:

Another new development is “The EPS MaritimeTech Accelerator Powered by Techstars”, which will be based in Eastern Pacific’s headquarters in Singapore:

The maritime border dispute between Malaysia and Singapore has caused it’s first accident: text
The current in this area is strong with lots of ships at anchor on the Malaysian side of the original border line. Parking a boat at anchor in the middle of the free fairway on the Singapore side is bound to cause trouble, especially for ships bound for Tg.Pelapas in Malaysia.

One breaks the record for utilisation, set by Maersk not so long ago:

Total throughput at Singapore port fell in Jan. 2019:

As did bunker sale:

Singapore is trying to clean up the illegal trade in fuel:

The Standard P&I Club and SSA has warned of ships being detained for anchoring in Indonesian and Malaysian waters while waiting on order outside Singapore Port Limits (OPL):

More on the problem for ships anchoring OPL Singapore:

Another revenue source have been found.

Why are there so many ships at anchor in and around Singapore is a frequently asked question. Here is an article from SCMP that try to explain it:

Singapore Strait and Horsburgh Lighthouse w=should be familiar to many here:

The Abu Bakar Maritime Base set up by Malaysia to challenge Singapore for sovereignty in the area may not be as well known.

MPA and Fujitsu develop AI anti-collision system for use by VTS:

Singapore Fine City is going a step further in the fight against sulphur cap sinners:

You have been warned!!!

Singapore is still No.1 shipping hub:

Tuas mega port is on schedule to open 2021:

There have been a monumental development of this project since I left Singapore in 2016.

The new mass flow meters aren’t fool proof after all apparently:

More on this case:

They may well be fool-resistant, though the universe keeps coming up with bigger and better fools.

But protecting against a clever and rapacious thief is a different kettle of fish.

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