Project ship

im looking for owners who have over aged small projects ship with hold of 50-60 mtrs long this is n long term cargo till 2011, we can do COA or Liner in FREE out TERMS del of vsl is in shanghai, china to penang,Msia for more quries pls reply me back

Do we want this forum to include people in foreign countries placing solicitations which may or may not be legit?

There are enough of these ads found on other websites and think it best if they remain there…


legit or not ,is beside the point and why this forum for shipping is here? is all to shipping related, so my quries is to all and also expand my network so i guess u shud take it in a open manner.

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We’re not businessmen here or shipowners…this is a forum for mariners so in any event I doubt anyone here owns a ship they can charter to you.

I know there are other boards on the internet which do allow you to post vessels available and vessels sought listings but you’ll have to search those out on your own.