Singapore Port

Do you tel you “pile of relatives” that you think of them as stupid uneducated “cannon fodder” that cannot think for themselves?
I’m sure they will be even more impressed with you.

BTW; Since we are into Dictionaries lately:

PS> I can think of another use of the word, but will not use that in polite conversation.

What the H*ll is OnG?? Is that some derogatory thing that you and your Expat buddies use when sitting at the Marina and Club telling each other how stupid the locals are?
The highly intellectual conversation around the table probably match that in an Aussie Pub?

Maybe you and your Expat buddies should all get out of “OnG” before you get contaminated.
Singapore will survive. (May even be better for it) The “Coffeeshop Talk” is getting more and more against Ang Mohs that live in the Colonial past, think they are Gods gift to “stupid locals” and above the Law.

Involved?? What do you mean, “Involved”?

Oil and Gas, crikey I cant believe you have not heard that before.

O&G yes.
I worked in O&G, I did not stay there.

No I don’t know that. I didn’t stop thinking for myself, nor being afraid to speak my mind while living there.

BTW; Who are thinking for you. your buddies?

Back to Singapore, lets leave the Port thread to port news

Speaking of Singapore I see another wave of growth for that tiny technocracy with the dwindling of Hong Kong. A bigger hub than before which may help them recoup some of the losses from the new normal.

Singapore Port has been resilient through this pandemic:
Now just wait for the negative comments from the expat “buddies” sitting around the table in the marina.

The US sanctions against Hong Kong can only help Singapore to gain both in the Shipping, Finance and Trading sectors, as well as helping Singapore to regain it’s #1 spot as a Container port:

Hail be to the Chief!!!
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I agree. I also expect to see banking, legal services and finance relocate in Singapore.

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Singapore’s Marine sector under pressure:

Singapore is steadily gaining in the Maritime Arbitration game:

Could the decrease of Hong Kong’s role have something to do with it??
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Singapore is developing Shipping and Maritime expertise for the future:

Keppel Shipyard is an institution in Singapore and reputed to be the oldest shipyard in Singapore. It’s history go back way into the Colonial era:,established%20in%20the%2019th%20century.
During the last few decades it has gone from a single shipyard in Telok Blangah to a conglomerate owning shipyard in many countries, incl. the US.

Kepple Corp. have interests in many other businesses, until ship building and repairing is no longer seen as a “core business”.
Keppel O&M may thus be sold, or joined with the other large shipyard company in Singapore, Semb Corp.:

PSA Pilots/PSA Marine introduce their “Onehandshake” system: