Shipping News revived

It’s long past time to break the Longshoremen’s unions and automate ports. It’s also long past time to start making consumer goods in the US again.

Trading patterns are changing:

The starting points of trading routes may change, but the end point is more and more in China.

It could be that China is interested in lessening its dependence on Australian ore because of there diplomatic spate.

For there read their before the grammar police come for me.

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M/V Souni:

Not sure about the declared 7600 TEU capacity of M/V Souni.

The M/V Karratha Bay is said to be able to carry 7500 TEU :
I can only find the LCT Karratha Bay.

Another old and traditional British shipping company is involved in a new shipping project between Turkey and Caspian Sea:

PS> It is not likely that the vessel in the picture will be deployed on this service.

Sabrina Chao. (Picture of a rusty tanker behind her. Part of the family fleet??)

Easing of sanctions by the US is good for shipowners, not just for Iran:

PS> High scrap price helps as well.

The G7 has agreed to a minimum tax of 15% for all corporations. This is MAINLY aimed at Big Tech, but it will also affect shipping:

PS> G7 is frequently defined in the media as; “a club of the world’s 7 biggest economies”.
But the 2nd biggest economy is not invited and Russia was expelled, so is it strictly an economy based “club”??

Would the change away from crude oil and to new fuels kill the tanker market??
Maybe for VLCC, but it may be the salvation for the clean market: