Container Shipping News

Shanghai is by far the largest global port


  • Port #1 and 3 are situated close together in the Yangtze Delta.
  • Port # 4, 5 and 10 are situated in the Red River Delta.
  • 8 of the 15 busiest container ports are in China.

Good idea!! Maybe other ports and Governments should look at something similar(??):


More overbuilding??:

All about NINE shipping shipping companies (all foreign) that bring containers to and from US ports.
Nothing about inefficient US ports, Customs clearance and transport system causing ships waiting for berths for weeks, costing millions in expenses and lost revenue for the operators.

The consignee has XX days free time to collect and return the empty containers to agreed depot.
Any delays and demurrage get charged. (Much like if you are late delivering a book to the Library)

Besides, it is a question of supply and demand. Isn’t that the holy grail of Capitalism?
If Shippers are not willing to pay the premium rates they are free to withhold their cargo from shipment.

Here is Drewry’s Container Index for 09. June, 2022:

Biden is getting them foreign bastards that is ripping off Americans:

Next he may protect American Big Tech against any attempt to limit their ripoff of Europeans 8and Americans):

One of your favorite (foreign) Late Night Show Host has looked into Monopoly busting;

The President has been informed.

Here is a different approach; start a new shipping company to offer alternative to the nine big ones:

Another British container shipping line has been established;

The name is not new though. Ellerman Line was a major Scottish shipping company that ceased to 2004:

But China dominates in the establishment of Container Shipping Lines:

Soon you can just ask; “Alexa, where is my container stuck this time”:

Contain shipping market will eventually turn to a more normal level.
Good for consumers maybe, but the Owners of ships on long term charter to container line operators are worried: