Container Shipping News

Even if the freight rates for containers are falling the “cartel” and “excessive profit” claims by Shippers continues:

Higher fuel coast, long delays waiting for berth (burning fuel while steaming out of sight of the public in some cases) higher crew coasts etc. is not a subject that feature into the equation.

I’m assuming US owned Container lines are profiting from the high freight rates as well, not only the “greedy foreigners”?

About time:

The fine for misdeclaring - or failing to declare - hazardous goods should have an even stiffer fine.

Meanwhile the problem on the landside in the US continue and ever worsen:

Maybe someone should tip off Biden about this idea:

No, not to ask foreign container shipping companies to help out, but there are some cash rich Tech and Pharma Billionaires in the US that may be willing to spit in a small percentage of their fortune for the common good(??)

PS> Big Oil are already on his radar IFAIK.

Singapore to the rescue:

How that will help improve the situation in LA/LB is not clear.

Danes are ruling the Container shipping world by the look of it:

Will feast turn to famine in container shipping faster than anybody thought?:

Hopefully they will be able to pay for all the new ships they have ordered:

The shortage of containers turned to surplus:

Move over Megaships, here comes more direct services;

It will probably not stop misdeclaration of hazardous goods in containers, but it may stop some from attempting to do so:

Wouldn’t it be easier to ask US container terminal operators to supply this information??

The real reason for the supply chain disruption and container congestion:

Maersk has their own solution:

By popular (US) demand:

Everybody blame everybody else and nothing useful gets done;

No you’r talking:

The good times are all over for the container shipping lines (maybe):

Now, if the problems at ports and inland transport get fixed shipping can get back to oblivion in the public eye.