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Consolidation of Container Feeder lines:

From what I can see the Carrier53’ shipping line specializes in one-way shipments of 53ft US domestic containers from the manufacturers in China to the US.
Nothing said about any return cargo. (??)

Is the party over??:

But the good times keep rolling for the Container leasing companies:

And more slotts will be available to carry more containers across the ocean faster, thus causing more port congestions because of inefficient ports and lack of efficient infrastructure to handle the inshore transport, unstuffing, stuffing and returning containers to the ports/inland depots.

So shipping companies are to blame because they bring too many containers too fast across the oceans? (Only to have to steam around out of sight for days, (burning fuel and causing GW) while waiting on wharf space.

On top of that they charge demurrage (rental) when their containers are not redelivered within the agreed and contracted free time. It is unfair, AVIS would NEVER do that if you failed to redeliver your rental car on time.

Meanwhile the Chinese are producing more new containers (if all sizes) to fill the need for empties in their market:

Empties are not all bad news:

I spot at least 7 mega container ships in COSCO colours in different stages of construction at this yard alone.

Are the party over for the Container Lines?:

Who are the US Government going to blame and US Shippers going to sue then??

Hard time also for the smaller and newer Container Lines that operate in the spot market using chartered ships:

I think there’s an eighth in the background.

Now one of these greedy container lines are offering incentive to US importers who return empty containers quickly:

Will that work better than to enforce demurrage for late return per contract? Left to be seen.
IMHO nothing helps if the infrastructure is not there to handle the volum of trade.

How long was Adam in Paradise?:

Sounds like a major exodus from the Far East - US container trade. (??)

Well secured cargo? Example:

Loaded Flat Racks container onboard the MATZ MAERSK
Photo: Rob van den Houten ©

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It is feast or famine in Container shipping, as in all other branches of the shipping industry:

Markets are falling but more ships are joining the market in the years to come:

Maybe good for the breakers??