Container congestion

Houston, we have a problem!!
Ask the WH to organize a fast acting Task Force and Congress to find someone foreign to blame:

There are also others affected by the container congestion:

PS> I appears that the mainstream media believe that Shipping = Containers.

Will this ship carry US export back to Asia??
If not, maybe Congress could force them to do so?
At least this is a US company under their jurisdiction.

PS> How do they avoid port congestion on both sides?

A quick look at Vesselfinder Monday morning shows 67 container vessels at anchor off the South China coast due to the disruptions experienced in Yantian, Shekou and Nansha. This is in addition to an armada of other bulk and cargo vessels also waiting in the area. Presently the count as per AIS data off the California coastline is 8 vessels outside Los Angeles/Long Beach and 20 vessels outside Oakland.

It is an interdependent world. One person contracting Delta Variant infection in China could cause congestions at container ports on USWC and around the world:

You may say that closing down a port because of one person getting infected is an overkill, but the Chinese authorities are dead scared of the Delta Variant spreading in China.

Container Ships anchored in San Pedro Bay (Photo: Shutterstock/Howard Freshman)

It’s funny that the country that released this virus is now dead scared of it. :thinking:


There is more to the story…

Yes I know. If you mean why China is dead scared of the delta variant spreading.
It has to do with the level of vaccination in the general population, among other.
China has been almost Covid-19 free for a long time now and has a reputation for quick and efficient action against the original variant to protect.

I thought the delta variant was first detected in India. (??)

No, I do not mean that. I mean blaming covid for shutting down the port is just an excuse for a bigger strategic plan.

Can you shear your knowledge of that “bigger strategic plan”?
That is if it doesn’t compromise your sources.

I don’t trust any news source these days about anything. Unfortunately in today’s world I think media outlets are only out for breaking the news first, regardless if it’s right, and for ratings.

Me neither.
That is why I compare sources, check their background and apply own experience and knowledge of any subject.
Only then do I draw my own conclusion.

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Sound logic.

Not only seaports are affected:

There are literally hundreds of box ships sitting at anchor awaiting berth at ports around the wold. At the same time there are a shortage of empty containers in Asia and a surplus in the US/North America and Europe and under capacity on both the FE/USWC and FE/NWE routes.

Now the news is that the order books for box ships are at record high:

Will that solve the problem, or just add to the congestion at container ports??
(I.e. more ships available to sit at anchor waiting for as berth)

Improving efficiency and adding capacity of container terminals and turnaround time for containers at receiving end may be more important to solve the congestion problem. But that require political will and union agreements all around.

Will he be able to improve US port efficiency and speed up turnaround time of containers in the US??:

Meanwhile Chinese export falls, partly because of container port congestion:

It is not only in the US that the cost of container transport is felt by consumers:

Passing US Laws and blaming shipping lines will NOT solve an international problem:

Just wondering why no one is calling BS on the “one person infected” Ningbo shutdown. They don’t shut down a Walmart here (in the Southwest USA) unless several people are infected and even then it is only for a couple of hours to clean the place. Further it has been admitted that the tests do not actually know the difference between flu and something else. So many lies and BS with this “virus”.

China has MUCH different view on the danger from the spreading of the delta variant of the virus and how to limit it. What you do in SW USA is of little interest to them.
(As long as you stay there and don’t bring the virus to China, that is)