Container congestion

Could the FMC action scare foreign container lines from calling at US port??:

PS> Congestion at US ports does not make the incentive to serve US trade any greater.

OK, so you buy the story then, got it. :wink: wink wink, nod, nod…say no more!

Yes I believe you when you say:

In China they locked down and tested a whole city because of a few cases to avoid a major spread of the virus:

A bit of background to the story:

Time will tell if these things actually help or not

  1. Locking down an entire city
  2. Vaccine to nearly 100 percent of the population of Israel
  3. Shuddering the entire Ningbo port
  4. Covid Tests

Back to the subject:

Not only US but even European retailers are affected:

How to fix the problem??
No it is NOT by passing unilateral laws and blaming China.
Stop buying sh*t you don’t really need may help…

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Everybody “ganging up” on the container shipping lines:

While the shipping lines have to pay premium rates to charter ships:

New record AGAIN:

But here is another view of the situation:

But don’t worry, help is on the way:

More isn’t always better:

But maybe bigger is better??:

As shipping costs and congestions raise, so do Chinese export, especially to Europe:

It doesn’t help to add ships to the service as long as ports are congested and the shoreside facilities are unable to cope:

Part of the problem is at the receiving end of the supply chain:

Not not as rapid increase in boxes as earlier: