Shipping News revived

Since an earlier version was closed last year, here is a new thread for various and unspecified news from the shipping world.

Starting with news of a new, or revived, Ship Management company starting up in Westport, Connecticut:

The US is still an attractive ventu to operate from for companies in the shipping business. (Although not under US flag, as yet)

More changes in the Ship Management business:

More and more of that business is moving to Singapore, but here it also involves new establishment in Bergen, Norway.

Digital platform for Chartering has been a frequent subject of discussion in shipping forums the last few years.
Has there finally been developed one that meet the requirements of most Chartering Managers?:

Dry bulk shipping appears not to be a lucrative business to be in these days:

Unless you are the CEO or part of upper management.
Below that level there is an exodus from Shipping:

Don’t know how many of those seeking a (renewed) seagoing career,

PS> Of course digitalisation MAY be one reason why shipping jobs are disappearing.

Some students at the University in Bergen is on to the same thing (almost):

Thought I read on GCaptain bulk rates were up? For iron ore anyway.

Yes, but if it all goes in the pockets of a few it is possible to lose money even on a good market. Who cares, the small investors take the loss and Chapter 11 is always available to get rid of the problem.

The wonders of Predatory Capitalism that most(??) Americans support and believe is “Freedom”.
(AKA Socialism for the real rich)

Lost me bug, it almost always goes in to the the pockets of a few in this business, no matter what nationality.

Almost, but not always.
If you google these different companies you’ll find who is behind them.

The latest list of World’s busiest Container Ports are now available:

NOTE: This is ONLY in terms of throughput of Containers and doesn’t mean Busiest Ports in terms of total cargo volume, Gross Tonnage or number of ships visiting. (Often confused in the media)

One of the companies mentioned in the article, Starbulk, has de-registered from Oslo Børs, but retain listing at NASDAQ:

It is tough time for shipping in the Intra-Americas market:

Intermarine and United Heavy Lift co-operation is working well:
But is still tough times for both.

Container ships transporting air?:

Meanwhile the shipping world is waiting for things to bounce back:

PIL is selling off ships to try to balance it’s books:

PIL is the only one of the old family owned shipping companies that existed in Singapore around the time of independence (1965) and before the Gov. decided to develop Singapore as a shipping nation and promote the Singapore Registry of Ship as a preferred ship registry:

Now ranked as the world’s #5 Ship Register in terms of GT.
PS> Singapore is ranked as the world’s #1 Shipping Hub:

Since China shut down scrap import container shipper no longer accept containers holding such materials:,Shipping%20lines%20backing%20away%20from%20scrap%20to%20China,emanate%20from%20the%20Middle%20Kingdom.&text=Container%20shipping%20firms%20Hapag-Lloyd%20and%20Mediterranean%20Shipping%20Co.
The good news is that this “bring home” the scrap material handling industry.(dirty jobs, pollution and all).

UAE to establish a major shipping line to ensure secure supply lines?:

When will shipping volume return to “normal” again? (If ever):

Swire is splitting Swirebulk from CNCo:

The operation of both will be from Singapore.

The latest Paris MOU Performance list is out. The Dutch flag is ranked fourth on the White List, which put it first among EU member states:

PS> A link to the Performance List can be found at the bottom of the article.