Shipping a car from Greece to Australi

Hi, i need to ship a car from greece to australia, but freight fowarders dont seem interested in replying to my requests. Can anyone recommend a company for this please?

it should not be that difficult as i used to ship high value and antique cars around the world.

any warehouse should be able to provide you with a 20 ft ocean cargo container.

the packing consists of emptying the fuel tank and disconnecting the batteries once the vehicle is drive inside.

the wheels need to be blocked up under the axles so if the tires go flat the lashings will not go slack. blocking chocks also front and rear of the wheels. they use a nail gun for all this

lashing are usually 1 inch or better polypro line fashioned as a Spanish windless. from each axle at the wheels fore and aft and X ways fore and aft. any bales welded to the chassis of the car should be utilized also.
if the car is of value, get an all risk cargo policy otherwise you have to agree to the per pound liability of the carries tariff.

any marine surveyor who has cargo experience can spec this out for you and actually supervise and approve the stow. cargo insurance underwriters will probably require this.
container goes to the port gets loaded on the ship and there you are

good luck


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Used cars are not attractive to PCTC vessels unless they are in a volume trade lane and the vessel has excess capacity. Can’t say sure but doubt if there are any PCTC vessels in the Eastern Mediterranean-Australian trade. If committed containers are your best option. Bruce 1s comments above are spot on it’s exactly what’s required. Only thing I would add if from the US very specific proof of ownership regulations apply to stem the flow of stolen automobiles, Greece may have simular .
Having said that I worked for a PCTC owner, relocated US to Australia a high volume trade & sold both cars rather than ship freight free. Paperwork & registration details made it more trouble than it was worth,

Then there is the steering wheel.


Would be cheaper to buy a car there!

Sell my US cars & buy in Australia was much better option than sending them down. Even with free freight.

Turned out we only needed one car & it was very different than our US V8 SUV. Gas 2x US price and long distance driving very limited. Small car better choice.


Thanks Bruce.