Can anyone tell me why my container was not unloaded?

I thought you guys here might have an answer to this. I import Chinese machinery into the UK which comes in by sea to Southampton. On the last two shipments the boat has docked but our goods were not unloaded. On the first one they ended up in Le Havre, and were then transported to Southampton (I don’t know how). The last shipment departed Southampton yesterday I think.
I don’t think we have a specific container just for us, I assume our load shares with others, so presumably someone else has suffered our fate.
Is this something caused by paperwork ommisions from me our my supplier or is something else going on here?

Did you have container number you shared with and who was the broker for sharing said container? Don’t think you will find the answer here. Ask the broker. Perhaps someone else on here can answer that, but maybe do a bit more homework on your misdirected cargo.

Your supplier has failed to deliver the goods.
The onus is on him to sort out; hopefully you haven’t paid up front.
Hopefully nothing to do with the virus.
Anyway, why are you importing Chinese crap that will fail within 6 weeks?
Can’t you use good old British crap that will fail within 3 weeks but have much fewer carbon miles?
Think of the environment!