I'm looking for help with shipping from NE USA to England

I work tugs and barges and have an idea but I need a bit more detail. I’m looking to ship multiple containers from the Northeast to England and am not sure how to find out about how to go about it. They will contain finished but not assembled logs for a log cabin. I need someone or a company that can handle the logistics. If you have any ideas please let me know.

Did you try freight forwarders. On the wood thing all our crates had to have paper work showing treatment for pests just for us to receive it, de-stuff it and break them up for trash. You may have to have the logs treated and stamped. Good luck.


Thanks, I’ll keep digging. The exact pest treatments they would want is part of why I’m looking for professional help.

Honestly I dont think it’s that hard, I can ask the log buyer I work for on monday but we have been packing containers for yrs now with ash especially and sending 2-3 a week to China. I’m under the impression on weight you roughly get 6500ft International per 40ft box, not sure what species your shipping ?
I left the boats about 2.5yrs ago and have been cutting roughly 1mil ft and 2k+ cord a yr plus a fair amount of pulp wood.

Thanks for the info, it’ll be Eastern White Pine and a few pieces of Red Oak. It’s going to be finished logs for a Scandinavian Full Scribe log home.

It doesn’t seem that hard until you miss a regulation or requirement and all of a sudden your stuck in customs paying out the ass for demurrage or a return shipment. Find a freight forwarder that knows what they’re doing and use them. Especially with the mess that is Brexit. Shipco, Expeditors, and K+N are some of the big F.F. but Ally Global Logistics is up your way and lumber shipments are their specialty.

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Thanks for the help, Ally seems to be just the thing. We’ll give them a call next week.

Curious what you are shipping there? Log Cabin?
If so, I imagine you would want to explore wood products from Scandanavia, Germany or Poland. There are innovative wood products already there, and I’d imagine cheaper to import there as well. Either way check out the import duty. The bug treatment (pest free certificate) will be a must. Google: boston Logistic freight forwarders. One of them should be able to point you in right direction.

Are you sending them ash killed by the EAB?

What are they doing with the wood you send?


for example You can use translate google to read it.

I ordered this: https://www.bauhaus.info/holz-gartenhaeuser/blockbohlenhaus-helsinki-2/p/22693149
and had it delivered to my sons house as a house warming gift, flew over and put it up and roofed it in 3 days this June. 28mm 1" walls thick tongue and groove, rugged as heck. I wish I could get the same quality here in the US affordably.

When they upped the requirements for export the price of debarkers went up 3x, theres a 24hr line at the port of Albany for the kiln and fumigation buildings, this guys been at it 20+yrs, must have it figured out, my checks always clear.

The chinese want white wood, ash is something they dont have there, that drove the market up, also ash is in demand here for baseball bats, handles, I’m 1hr to Cooperstown and 1hr to Ames or Unadilla. EAB has pretty well smoked NY state, this job I’m cutting was pushed thru early so we get the best before the bug.


One link in there directly to wood forestry branch.

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That’s a very helpful link, thanks!

Sounds like y’all have it figured out, I was more directing that to the OP to find someone that does, than to try and do it himself if he doesn’t.

I don’t and that’s why I asked. I appreciate the leads you guys have given me, thanks!

He was talking to BargeMonkey. :slight_smile: