Log Bronc / Pond Boat truckable tugs in the Pacific Northwest

I am in search of a Log Bronc to purchase. Ideally I would like something of the “sidewinder” variety or “dozer” but am interested in whatever is out there. Here is a picture http://www.professionalmariner.com/October-November-2015/Surplus-engines-18-foot-hulls-still-move-logs-on-Canadas-western-coast/
I am wondering if anyone on this forum from the Pacific Northwest either owns one and might want to sell or where you may have seen them from traveling the area. I have been searching a bit and calling lumber yards and tug and barge companies from Coos Bay to British Columbia without any luck, but I have just started looking and thought maybe mariners from this area might know some smaller companies that would have some like floating home movers. I did find a builder of new ones in Canada but he had just sold one and has to build another and I am not really looking for new price anyways. Also do not know if I can import a vessel? I know it is under 26 feet and 5 NT so would probably only need to be state registered. Might have problem with engine and EPA stuff too though.

Any help would be appreciated.