I need a little help with my stability work, it’s getting on my case a little and I would appreciate any feedback.

Here is the question:

A vessel is loading in Swansea in February which is a Winter zone.
Dock water density = 0.010 and present draft = 8.250m
Summer load draft 8.500m; TPC(sw) = 15.66; Summer load displacement 12528 tonnes.

Calculate the maximum cargo the vessel may load so that it is not overloaded.

If you could explain what I have to do exactly, most appreciated. This is rather urgent!

Hi B,
Looking for my stability notes…Do you have a stability book (curves, etc.) for this problem - I take it that this is an exam question?
I did just find a free stability notes e-book at:


That looks like a pretty good resource MTSKIER. Thanks for posting it!

Thanks for posting.

Sadly my license notes were lent to a friend years back and tragically lost.

I would love to get a “best practices” study guide together… have everyone submit their study notes then I could pick the best and republish them. What do you think?

Of note I’d probably have to get a freelancer to put the ebook together… which means I’d have to charge for the final product… but possibly I could give all contributers a free copy? Any thoughts?

@mtskier: Tkx for posting it!


I couldn’t contribute to it right now (as far as content), but I’d be willing to contribute financially for the information (buy it). There’s a wealth (no pun intended) of knowledge on this board to be harvested.

Hell, Stability is just scratching the surface. Let’s look at Terrestrial, Celestial, Ballast Control and anything else that could potentially help mariners rising through the ranks. Folks could post pitfalls and suggest different methods of preparation.

It’s just a thought…and I don’t have many that are worthwhile anymore.

As Lone Waddy said in “The Outlaw Josie Wales”: “Old age is creeping up on me…”


I thought I was going to be home free after passing my 100ton! Math suxs! But it looks like good study material and good conversation in the wee hours of the morning while on watch.