MITAGS ADV Stability

Was wondering if anyone could tell me how this class was? Do they jam the entire semester of a class I took ten years ago into 4 days or is it relatively interesting or well taught?

Not when I took it. Neither interesting nor enlightening really. They made us play with cargomax for a couple days and then some other filler. Oh and you watch some old movies from the 40’s and 50’s which were actually fairly informative. That was well over a decade ago though so it may have changed

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It was really the only class I had to work myself to death in at Schuyler to pull off 70’s on exams, the math kinda messed me up. Perhaps the woman who taught it back then was part of the problem, as she wasn’t particularly good at teaching…

If you want to sail as chief mate, you need to be fully proficient at stability. You can teach yourself, it just takes time.

I understand the diagrams of stability; differences between positive, neutral and negative equilibrium and what moving weights around does to/how to counter any lists. Digging through my old notes the proportionate loss of stability formulas and formulas for weights suspended on booms and P/K tables is making me wince. If those and the merchant hull/barge KM problems come up I’ll probably need more than 5 days to brush up.

The plan is to make a grab for the license to have it and to gain a little more knowledge so my awareness of what happens aboard the ship and why increases, but any plans to go any further up the ladder are nil.

Wasn’t a whole lot of theory from what I remember. Just how to work the exam problems. And not even all the problems in the CM/M exam. For all of them the instructor told us we had to sign up for LAP. Few hrs in the cargomax lab.

Just took it a few weeks back. Fairly informative and well taught. Captain Pete was who I had. Some of the old movies that are pretty decent, a quick run through cargomax to sign off the required B.S. but most of it is how to work the problems and the theory behind it all. Some people struggled but the ones I saw that had some time in the industry and had some experience with how it all works didn’t struggle much.

Just took that class. I’d say it was 95% sea stories about expired deli meats. I wish I was joking. We spent a grand total of half a day using cargomax

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