Looking for reccomendations: international car shipper

Have anyone of you shipped a car internationally? I’m looking for a reliable company to ship a vehicle from USA to Europe. Thanks

I’m thinking using AEC , has anyone had experience with this company?

Home - American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier (arcshipping.com)

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Normal size car fits in a 20’ container. Can be shipped by any container line.
A good forwarders can take care of formalities for you.

PS> If you are not familiar with the procedure for shipping goods by sea, use a reputable Forwarder.
Remember the ol’ saying; Only a fool is his own Lawyer?
The same thing applies.here.

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Thanks for these tips. I definitely need a forwarder that can take care of those formalities and explain how this all works. And as you said, a good and reputable company is a must here.