Coastwise Car Shipments?

What are the OTR costs in California like that they are coast-wising cars to local dealers.
Anyone here involved in this operation?
I know a guy who was acting as the owner’s rep for the construction of the Marjorie C at VT Halter but know nothing about the operations side.

The number of moves required and the risk of damage probably have more to do with costs than the mode of transport.

Loading and unloading are a significant part of the cost of transporting new cars. In many cases more than the shipping costs alone. Each time the car gets lashed/unlashed/moved there are labor costs and a risk of damage. Nobody wants to buy a new car with damage and restoring to new condtion is expensive. The fewer shifts in the route from ship to dealer the lower the cost and the less the possiblity of damage.

Don’t know the details in this specific case.