"Server too Busy" Error Msg

Coming up 4 out of 5 times whenever I hit “New Posts”.

What’s up with that?

Has been happening to me for months. Just figured it was a buggy app.

it seems to come in waves but then it hits, it is at least 15 minutes before you can get in again

I get it a lot too. Been going on for a long time. The worst is on the mobile app. It is by far the worst app I have. Always has connection errors. When I get notifications it never sends then to the phone until after I visit the site. Freezes up to the point where I have to delete the app then reinstall. Unfortunately it is all I have when at work so I use it if I want to check out gcaptain, but would love to get rid of it

They need to set up a Paypal account to take donations for server upgrades. The ad revenue is just enough to keep them going obviously. I click on the ads all the time I’m assuming some way this helps them out. Either we need to help drum up more advertisers, donate to the cause or deal with it. On a positive note it means the site is obviously gaining new members and the traffic is picking up. Hopefully this can be turned into more ad revenue.

I get it too on my iPod, thought it was either my Internet or a bug in the app.

Doing it again. Guess I’m just to lazy to scroll down the list of categories looking for new stuff.

All the time. Seems like it happens more often now.

gcaptain obviously and desperately needs to upgrade its server capacity. For those of us with only sporadic internet access, this is even more of an issue.

I do not know or understand gcaptain’s business model. I’m will to pay something or do something to help gcaptain grow. What can I (we) do to help?

John, Micky & gCapt Crew.

It’s possible the site is being overrun by Bots which sucks up server bandwidth. The only evidence I have is the disproporionately high number of “guests” on the site at any time. Right now for example, the forum homepage says there are 150 members and nearly 3000 guests on line. Really? 3000?

Not sure of fix but perhaps the purchase of more server capacity is due. This can be accomplished by more ad revenue or, as previous posts have suggested, a voluntary donation to support the site. Contributors can get a some kind of acknowlegment for there contributiuon such as a gCaptain anchor appearing under thier name instead of those silly green dots no one can figure out. You might even want to sweeten the pot by offering some higher service level.

There has to be something that can be done to improve site performance, revenue generation and appreciation for the active members who make this site fun and informative.

OK, this is getting bad. Today at 1340 EST, the site was completely locked up with the “Busy” error message. Could not even open the forum.

Admins - you have to figure this out or your going to lose relevance.

I got the message today, too.

If funds are needed I’m willing to chip in…and what happened to the t-shirt and mug idea? I’m all for swag.

Ok, I have worked most of last week and this weekend with our developers. We have optimized the code and put another server online… so this problem “should” go away.

That said, I can only fix what I know about, so please respond to this thread if you experience this issue again.


P.S. Visitors who don’t log-in and new users (plus old users who haven’t posted in over a month) will continue to see this error message when our server experiences high load… so be sure you log in when visiting this forum!

Thanks John. I know what it’s like to keep something like this up and running. I own a Biker Forum that has a lot less traffic then this one does and it still needs to be babysat.

Happening last night and again this morning. I was logged in

Same thing for me.

I got it again tonight around 20:10 Pacific. Was logged on and ran a new posts query before dinner, came back and read a couple of threads before I got the “server busy” page for a few minutes.

Doin it again. I could get to the articles but not the forum. Was only down for 10 minutes though.

Got it his morning too

Still getting server too busy message and app seems very unstable with new iPhone software update.