Android App

Is anyone else having issues with the android app? It hasn’t worked for me since I got a new phone in January and it hasn’t been updated since 2012. It also appears that the developer, forumrunner, no longer exists.

I use the site a lot less without easy access, as you can tell by the fact that I’ve barely been around at all in 2014.

Yeah, it’s been dead since Jan. of this year. I would think site traffic must be apprecI ably down as a result, what with android having 70 percent of the market. Wonder if it’s possible to migrate to another host or interface. Like tapatalk. See? That’s how little I know about this stuff, other than I can’t visit/interact as much or as easily as I used to.

Yeah no android app sucks. I frequent gCaptain alot less as well. I asked about it in another thread awhile back (sorry don’t recall which one). Someone shared a detailed answer from John about losing the host forum runner or something. Not sure why its so hard to get the forum on an android app but apparently it is.