gCaptain App

It has been quite a while since I have been able to access gCaptain via the app on my Android devices.

So, is there any chance of getting the App up and running or has it been shelved?

I think that a lot of the users of this Forum have stopped coming here do to the App not working.

This site is almost impossible to read on my phone (can’t see the tiny font) unless you blow it up to where you have to scroll left to right to read each post. I was hoping the app would change this, but I have never been able to get the app to work. As a result, if I don’t have access to a laptop or desktop and wifi, I don’t even bother coming here. But it looks like someone lost interest in maintaining the app. One of the admins (don’t remember which one) said the app is maintained by a third party and is out of their hands, so don’t look for it to get fixed soon if ever.

That being said, is there a member here knowledgeable enough with Java to write our own app? If gCaptain or one of its members could create an open source version of the app, we could maintain it ourselves and not have to worry about some 3rd party that’s only looking for advertising dollars.

The app works fine of my supposedly piece of shit from 2005 iPhone

Most of the guys I work with that have android have given up on the site. Us poor old IOS guys keep plugging along.

I don’t get it … Android has almost twice the market share as IOS. I can’t imagine that leaving the site inaccessible (or not easily accessible) by the majority of smart phone users is actually helpful to gCaptain. Or its advertisers and partners.

Insult to injury is that we haven’t really heard anything in … what, six months? from gCaptain regarding why the app (which worked last year) is now broken, what is being done to fix or replace it, and when that might happen. If the answer is “Nunya, Nothing, Never …” that’s okay, just let us know.