See you guys in 21 days!

I ship out tomorrow for 21 days, my first tour and I’m a nervous wreck. Wish me luck and see you guys when I return. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask smart questions, Be Safe, and have a great time!

[QUOTE=Concepts;15962]I ship out tomorrow for 21 days, my first tour and I’m a nervous wreck. Wish me luck and see you guys when I return. :p[/QUOTE]

It’s the brand new guys that [B]aren’t [/B]nervous that make me nervous. Follow MT Skier’s advice and you’ll do just fine.
Safe sailing!

Ask [U]every [/U]question you have, the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.:wink:

Thanks guys! I will definitely have many questions to ask I’m sure. See you in a month.

Good luck concepts, be safe…

I disagree with the above.
A FNG should keep his eyes open, his head down and his mouth shut. You will be instructed in how to do your job and a bunch of stupid questions on your first hitch just slows the process down. At the end of the day your head will hurt with all the new information. Pay attention and do what your told. Put your brain in gear and mouth in neutral.

Yes, that is another philosophy. FNG really makes a new man feel welcome. It is obvious that you had that kind of training. I am sorry for you. Believe it or not, but a new man asking questions could potentially open the eyes of the trainers of some detail overlooked…I’ve seen it before.:rolleyes: If the trainer has some common sense they go over an evolution before hand and explain it in detail and get many questions out of the way. Then after the evolution take more questions and critique. There is always a point when you don’t ask questions or bother the Captain or person in charge. That is just a given. But to tell a crewmember not to ask stupid questions is the day you cut your own throat as the person in charge. Need I say more on that?

Yes, I had that kind of training… it was called Boot Camp.

Our military boot camps have been turning out fine soldiers and sailors for a couple of hundred years. 1st day, rule #1…keep your mouth shut and by the end of the evolution you will know what is expected of you.

Roger that, been there too, but I feel that you don’t have to denigrate a person to bring out the best in them. There are other methods just as effective. Sometimes it is [I]easier[/I] for the person in charge to just say “shut up and watch” than to make a greater effort to instruct before, during and after. Granted, people learn differently, but not many people I know like working for the leader you describe. We can each stick to our own methods. Good Luck.

Ask your questions if there is time if not as later but not to late find a old salt and ask him to help you if you never turn him down to learn something they will help you out. If you show you are ready to learn then some one will teach you if you have an I know comment all the time they won’t

As far as the other comments on this topic I would rather have a FNG hawspipper asking a lot of questions than a fresh out of the school mate with there head up there fourth point of contact with no questions but all the wrong answers nothing personal unless you head is you know where

Where are you going deep sea tug or alaska my fav