New Guys


Next week, is my turn to be an FNG…

I was just thinking of the tricks and funny things that happened when new guys came aboard my Destroyer…

HT punches,relative bearing grease…lol…all the fun things that come along with working aboard boats and ships…

Anyone care to share related stories,funny exploits of the FNG experience?

Also I’m looking for things “not to do” when reporting aboard…


What not to do… don’t let the job (or people) phase you. Don’t do anything that your unsure of the outcome without asking for help. If it’s a good crew, they are going to be spending time and effort watching your back and mentoring you anyway, so asking about what you don’t know will be welcomed.

I have always done well by asking myself daily “What can I do to make my bosses job easier?”… the problem for new guys is they have a lot of bosses. My advice is to do the jobs no one else is jumping up to volunteer for whether it’s your turn or not.


And read this post before you go, although it might spoil the fun of some of your future colleagues!


Hey, thanks for that link…That was a recent thread too ,I can’t believe that I missed it…


You’ll be fine- just watch out for the OS’s…:smiley:

Good luck!