Listen Up! Advice For New Mates & Engineers

In this new age PC world there are some things you’d like to tell new mates that would land you in hot water with HR so I want to start a thread without short and to the point nuggets of wisdom for new 3rd mates and A/E’s. Here’s my contribution.

Don’t prove anything to me
not your intelligence, charm or, least of all, your ability to impress me with your sea stories.

Don’t think the solution is ever inside a computer spreedsheet, ecids display
or on the pages of the internet. (these are helpful tools, not solutions!)

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel
or invent a better way of doing things.

Don’t overthink simple tasks I give you
or make any task more complicated than it needs to be.

Don’t take unnecessary risks to "git the job done"
or otherwise try to be a hero.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from anyone
even a “lowly” AB.

Don’t be afraid to stop the job to consult a manual
or lookup something you’ve forgotten

Never fail to stop a job when you’re uncertain of the outcome
or because you don’t have the skills to do it correctly.

Don’t update me every hour on your progress
or otherwise pat yourself on the back when I enter the room.

Why? Because I can determine your level of competence without [I]you[/I] having to do anything but the simple tasks I give you.

P.S. For those mates who [B][I]need[/I][/B] validation who can’t live without [I][B]proving[/B][/I] how great they do this: impress me with your ears and eyes, not with your mouth!

Why are ABs always lowly

Chances are there is an experienced AB or QMED on watch with you. This was to save you from yourself. Heed their advice and treat them with respect. If you treat them like your personal slave they will let you hang yourself. When I say y’all go and do this or that it means both of you not AB/QMED doing all the work while you goof off.

I agree with the oiginal poster 100%. But, vessel crewman also have an obligation to new people on board. I was new out of a academy in 1987 and worked for 2 years in the GOM. I remember it well. I did what cmjeff said. But I did experience the following on the oppostite end of the spectrum:
Alot of talk how “you don’t know squat” , true and I understood this, but nobody likes hearing this.
talk about “you think you are better than us”,
A question being answered with " didn’t the academy teach you that?" or " you academy guys, I thought knew everything"

Mostly, it is better to get over it and do your job as best you can. Crew members need to understand also that new crewmen have the “deer in headlights” terror alot of times about making mistakes. If the new guy is as cmjeff says " a know it all" , I feel they way he does, if the guy is just trying to learn, anything, I would help him out whenever possible.

It’s not always an academy grad issue. There are plenty of fresh hawespiper mates or engineers who suddenly know it all.

[QUOTE=skycowboy;83727]Why are ABs always lowly?[/QUOTE]

Somebody has to be and they were not at the meeting when we voted on it. That’s why I always make sure I make it to the meeting, early.

[QUOTE=cmjeff;83714]P.S. For those mates who [B][I]need[/I][/B] validation who can’t live without [I][B]proving[/B][/I] how great they do this: impress me with your ears and eyes, not with your mouth![/QUOTE]

Depends on how WELL they use their mouth and how long I have been offshore…

Except in incidents like