Any last words or advice?

I’ve been hanging on everyword that has been posted on this forum, since Aug… It’s now time for me, to go down to LA. to seek my fortune… …If you guys have anything to add that you think is important ,no matter how trivial, I sure would appreciate it…( I opened the door on that one )…lol…
I want to thank you all, for taking the time and discussing the merits of this industry with us new guys…I don’t even want to think about where I would be right now without your advice and professionalism…

See ya there in 40 days. Bon voyage!

You really only need to take 2 things with you; PATIENCE and a SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

Take your own medicine locker. Get every ointment, cold remedy, cough syrup, sun screen, ache and pain tablet, medical tape, band-aids, immodium, peto-bismal, tums, etc, etc, etc. Nothing worse than being stuck at sea sick and not even have the simplest remedy available. No Navy Corpsman and sick bay on those boats!
Take two of the clothing items that could get wet. Or have a complete set of foul-wx gear, etc.
Take a laptop loaded with useful stuff and an internet connection/multi-functional cell phone.
Wear some potent “smell-good juice” like Old Spice, so the lady receptionists will respond positively and move your application up the chain.

Good luck man- keep us informed!

I remeber it the first night aboard a commercial ship, I woke up at midnight with a terrible case of indigestion. It was a big ship but the gig was an MMR breakout so they hadn’t yet stocked sickbay.
Not fun.