Secret Clearance

Are there any companies (besides MSC), where it benefits you to have a security clearance?

Are there any openings at those companies for bridge officers?

Off the top of my head Chouest , Hornbeck and Seaward Services for non-union. Not sure if they currently have openings for bridge officers though…


And whoever is currently running the MSC ships that are civilian, not MSC.

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Yup, and for union, I believe AMO is still the heavy hitter for MSC contracts.

Subcom through AMO got a nice raise

Seward services is advertising for mates. Hornbeck and Chouest I believe have openings but I do not know if they are specifically for government contracted vessels, Patriot has job openings on the MMP open board right now. All the government contractors usually hire like crazy and always need people. The only exception is probably the Chouest national science foundation Antarctic vessels that I heard are tough to get on.

Here are some outfits that require or prefer gov security clearance

Seward Services- private
Hornbeck- private
Chouest- private
UICGS and Bowhead - private
Patriot contract services - MMP
USMMI (Maersk) - AMO
Ocean Shipholdings- AMO
Crowley gov services - AMO


Keystone - MEBA

Keystone only has ROS vessels unless they recently bid successfully on something else.

Oh, almost forgot… Stabbert Maritime has a couple and Oceaneering has some govt contracts too. Though I believe you need TS/SCI for the Oceaneering boats.

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MARAD & MSC still want deck officers ROS & FOS to have Secret security clearances.

Absolutely. I guess I just assumed @Thailor was asking about / wanting to work on active vessels not ROS ones.
In that case you could also included Matson that I believe also has ROS contracts on the west coast.