Looking to Transition from Private to AMO or MMP. Master Unlimited with Security Clearance... any advice would be appreciated

Master unlimited with Security Clearance, which Union would be a better fit ?
How long can I expect before my first rotation ?
What kind of pay ?

I’d like your contact information. I can help with some information.

Matt who are you with ?

“Private” meaning what exactly? Tankers, box boats, car carriers? Yachts…? (Please tell me it’s not yachts). Good chief mates are always in short supply. Captains not so much. Get ready to slum it for a while as a junior officer (unless you are a Cracker Jack chief mate).

Either road (union) leads to where they all do in reality. Making a decent name for yourself. There are plenty of threads dealing with the strength of each if you want to use the search function.

Welcome to the forum

Thanks. Not a yachty
Subsea Const , cable lay etc.


Who do you work with Union / Vessel if you don’t mind saying ?

Sent you an email.

MM&P. Started right out of school. One thing that will hold you back looking for senior officer (steady work) with MM&P is that you need to be a full member to get a permanent job and that takes roughly 5 to 7 years. The money is better than AMO but the ability to jump full in as a senior officer is slightly restricted.

That’s exactly how it was explained to me.
Once I pay my AMO dues , I’m a full book member and … it takes time to become an A book at MMP.
Thanks for the info.
Gonna make the move when I get home this time.

I’m curious how overtime and incentives effect your day rate … or does it not change for senior officers ?