AMO vs. MM&P for a new 3rd Mate


Graduated from CMA last year, can anyone give me any advice regarding joining AMO versus MM&P? Number of jobs, quality of jobs, sitting in the hall, cost to join etc. Thanks


Hey I’ve never been in AMO so anything I say about them would be here say but I’ve sat in MM&P halls all over the west coast looking for work and it has been very tough to get out across the board I’ve been at the hall in long beach and I have only moved up 12 places in two weeks:eek:. Many big companies like Matson have been laying up container vessels since container trade has decreased so much. The initiation fee isn’t bad about 2400 bucks if your license is under a year old and a thousand more if it’s over. Their benefits are excellent and there retirement is insanely good although there has been talk that it might not be that way going foward. My limited knowledge of AMO is that they have ships and they still man a number of tankers however their pay and benefits are no where in the league of the mmp off shore group.MITAGS is a excellent place to train with top notch instructors and equipment and there food is for some reason excellent.


are either unions taking in new applicants at present?

anyway, I used to be in the AMO back when it was run by the corrupt McKay famiglia but could not be a stooge for them so left with alot of pension money in their coffers. Since the McKays got sent away, I understand that the union is much cleaner and more professional and they have had more jobs than the the MMP since the 80’s. If they are taking in new blood I’d go with them since you don’t have to endure the hiring hall nonsense.


My experience with MMP is nil, I dealt with AMO in the late 90’s, there school facilities are excellent, for that alone they are worth paying non active dues. Their jobs are so numerous as compared to MMP because they low ball the bid, the “standard contract” has become an urban legend and “sweetheart contracts” are now the norm. Also SIU has been representing officers more and more instead of just the non licensed crew.
good luck


I, like c.captain, was with AMO during the bad times. I left just about the time the indictments rolled in. (I sailed with one of the men elected to replace to replace them-good guy) According to them, I still have a vested pension with them… we shall see in a few decades…

Half the problem was the dispatcher was part of the problem, and he was the third one indicted. I understand the dispatch process is much more transparent now. I was even lied to when still in school, that “four full years” with the union and they’ll waive your book fee.

I don’t know if they’re accepting new members, or their current situation.

Good luck, thats for sure.