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How are the MSC/government jobs offered through AMO? I used to work for MSC and really enjoyed the foreign port time, being able to actually get out and see new places is really important to me. But after being overdue for five extra months, I quit MSC and have been working on a Tanker through the union. The work here isn’t bad, but I keep seeing all these jobs on the board for MSC stuff that are overseas in cool ports. I recall being next to the USNS Effective years ago in Japan, and the whole crew just seemed to be chilling out for weeks drinking on the North Dock.

Does anyone here have experience on AMO MSC ships, white hulls, etc? A pay cut wouldn’t be a huge deal for me the ports were good and the work was interesting.

With the exception of maybe 1 or 2 I don’t think you’d be taking a pay cut. Longer hitches, though. You’ll have relief close to on-time but it’ll be 4 months.

Jobs are posted on the board, or you can contact the companies directly and inquire about jobs.


I don’t think sitting at the dock would equate to interesting work.

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Prior MSC ships son sailed on were very, very late on reliefs. The last two as a navy rep and SSO Officer went quite well. Still an SSO Officer,next up for Lt Commander in reserves. Has a great shoreside job with the largest energy company in the world.which supports reservists…He is honoring far and above his commitment to MARAD and KP… I was AMO, he was not. Last ship he sailed on was AMO,crewed making much more money than he was as the Navy rep on a rather important load…

What the hell does any of this have to do with the thread?


AMO and MSC, and related to some prior threads regarding SSO officers and academy guys honoring their commitment. Why are you picking my bones?

Then put em in the other thread? We all know your kids resume at this point.


Thank you sir. I recommended engine,. he chose deck,. worked out great!! As far as what this relates to this post, he sailed MSC and Maersk for quite some time . Both MMP and AMO officers aboard the vessels. And as an SSO rep with Navy…A fine representative of what KP can put out in the field. It relates my friend.