What type of clearance for MSC?

Hi I’m well on my way with noaa so far but msc has also moved me forward. On their site it says you must be able to obtain a security clearance… so what kind is it? Confidential, secret or top secret? I’m betting secret possibly because of the work with the navy ? So if anyone knows and knows how long it takes etc let me know please

it won’t be secret unless you’re the radio officer, even then? most likely whatever you (we) have had with NOAA will suffice.


Ok also should make it clear that I’m in process for NOAA I’ll be doing fingerprints, background check physical and drug screen in the near future no set date for that yet but once they have my paperwork back( I emailed it over the weekend) they will get me a date. With MSC, however, I’ve only been referred to the hiring official that’s been since December 20th.

I was told on here that NOAA does a background check not security clearance so I’m confused because you say it’s the same for msc whereas on the msc site itself it states must be able to obtain security clearance.

So does anybody know if it’s the same or different if I will be filling out sf85 sf85p or the longest one sf86 on the eqip system? I’m confused

At MSC everyone is secret. Only TS are master, chief engineer, chief mate and the comms department.

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Hey thanks so much for clarifying

I do question how some of the MSC mariners have obtained SC or TSC. I can think of a few, god help us all.

Oh wow :open_mouth:

For a bit of clarification, clearances are the familiar Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, SCI, etc. The first few can be Interim, or Final.

While the Standard Form 86 is used for all/most of these, the extent of the investigation, and the time it takes to complete it, are directly related to the level of clearance. The required time between updates is also dependent on the level of clearance.

Security Clearances

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I wouldn’t worry about clearance. Over 1.5 million have secret, many more have confidential. If ones credit is good geting a low level clearance is a formality.


I pay everything on time or ahead of time. No criminal charges or traffic violations except I did jaywalk once lol paid off the ticket though haha

Just be honest and put everything on the form. Give a full explanation. The main reasons for getting denied are not reporting an issue and bad credit. SO, check your credit score to make sure there’s no ID stealing to mess you up. You’ll want to know if someone stole your ID, and running up credit in your name anyway.

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You need a secret level security clearance for the unlicensed on the MSC ammunition ships (T-AKE’s). You only require a confidential level security clearance for the oilers (T-AO’s).

Keep a copy of your SF-86, if you need to renew your security clearance, it’s good to have your original form for reference. Renewal every 10 years. Try remembering how you answered the questions 10 years afterwards without any reference… :thinking::persevere::expressionless:

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Good advice thanks and I have credit monitoring and I check almost every day

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