MSC Security Clearance?

I have been working on the security Clearance for MSC as I have been selected. Any tips to filling it out? The employment section is a hassle considering I have had around 10 or so jobs over that period. What if the place I worked at has been closed down? What if I cant remember my supervisor’s name? I know they want to know where I worked even if its only for a day but man this is work.

A personal,reliable logbook of your exploits would be beneficial . No one else gives a shit but you. Protect your turf sir. Homework is important.


Some people seem to have a fairly easy time with the security clearance process, others are put through absolute hell. Sometimes over and over again.

The issues I hear about most are taxes and credit reports.

There are some really bizarre “he said, she said,” types of stories too. Beware of the strange things ex-wives, former co-workers and neighbors might say.