Seaward Services has some new listings

I know nothing of this company, I just came across it on Monster…

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Hmm I wonder what their Gitmo operation is like.

I understand that experience in water boarding is not required. At least not yet. May change come next Jan.

They have tour boats in San Diego and (obviously) Washington and boondoggle Govt contracts. They maintain the ex-Hawaii Super Ferry, USNS Puerto Rico, welded to the pier in Philly and not scheduled to leave the dock at any known future date. These are non-union jobs. MSC training will be very helpful.

They run ferries in the southeast and may operate the other ex-Hawaii Super Ferry, USNS Guam, somewhere in the Far East.

The AB pay in Philly is good, tho I don’t remember the details. (May or may not be a 56 hour week, ie required to work 7 days at regular pay, overtime only before and after regular working hours. But I could be wrong about that.)

Mariners will get a phone interview with Chief Mate and/or Chief Engineer, who will have a list of pop-psychology questions that the owner probably got from some magazine article. My advice: speak little, listen a lot.

The Super Ferries will be making a dead trip to Charleston soon.

I did some temp work on the super ferries a few years ago when they were docked in Norfolk. They were running a small crew of 3-4 caretakers/watchstanders between the two ships. Work was minor housekeeping and light maintenance and generally maintaining them in a state of readiness; but there was a lot of downtime involved. Allowed plenty of time for directv and use of the ships wifi during a 12 hour watch.

At the time the permanent guys were sleeping on air mattresses in tents on the deck of the passenger seating areas. I was given the bed in the small sick bay which was half way decent, although access to the only head with shower on board was through my room.

Overall was a pretty decent gig though, granted this was 5 or 6 years ago.

From website:

Ship’s Crew and Vessel Maintenance Because the vessel is US-flagged and must remain so during the charter, US law requires that we use a US crew. Seaward Services Inc. a US company, will provide onboard crewing and custodial care for the ship for the US Military Sealift Command for the term of our agreement. Because the vessel will be overnighting in Nova Scotia, fuel and most supplies will be purchased in Nova Scotia and vessel maintenance will be undertaken by a Canadian crew based in Nova Scotia.

From gcapt home page today:

“Officials said seven people suffered minor injuries when the [I]Adventure Hornblower[/I] plowed into San Diego’s Broadway Pier along the Embarcadero after returning from a sightseeing cruise at around 1 p.m.”

Seaward/Hornblower. Same outfit.