Seaward Service

Does anyone know the salary of Seward service AB job? Are they union? Thanks for the help.

I have not taken this ferry.

In the past Seaward Services had posted an hourly rate for these jobs. As I recall it sounded ok, but not great. I think that they are union, at least for some or all of the marine crew.

This high speed ferry running between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia belongs to the US Navy; it’s chartered to a private company (I think one the Canadian ferry companies) under the condition that the vessel must be operated by an American company and have an American crew. Seaward Services is an American company that appears to be primarily in the business of operating US Government ships.

I may have heard that they are AMO and SIU jobs, but I’m not sure.

I don’t know whether a security clearance is required or preferred.

There are a significant number of Canadian mariners who are dual nationals, both US & Canadian. If no security clearance is required, it would not surprise me if some of the crew are Canadians with US citizenship.

The Portland to Yarmouth ferry is one of the vessels (HST 2) originally built to run between the islands in Hawaii. Not sure if it ran at all last year.

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Thank you for the info very helpful. I saw they had a job listing for the HST Guam in Japan. Wondering if it would be worth a shot at applying to.

Be ready to answer at their stupid pop psychology self-assessment link.

Its Bar Harbor to Yarmouth this year.

I see that they are advertising for a 2nd mate and Qmed in Bar Harbor


SSI is completely non union. It’s a competitive company with mostly licensed persons filling deck and engine positions. The two HST crews are close knit. If you’re not on top of your game, better luck somewhere else. It’s all about performance. Pay is very liquid with them. Bust your ass they pay more. Slack and expect to stagnate. The base pay isn’t the best, however it isn’t the worst. AB is around the 300 plus range per day.

What about 2nd Mate pay?

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Hey Man, I’ve been working with seaward for the past 4 years, pay is way higher than the current industry standard(comparable to oil field circa 2012) decent benefits rotation is a little weird during the sailing season ABs work 20/10 and during the off-season 1 month on 2 months off, mates it’s 14/14 during the season and during the off-season 28/28…also you get per diem in the off-season which help makes up for the 2 months off. Overall a great company to work for if you want to gain experience, it works for me since I grinded out the 28/14 life for years and as well as super long deep sea contracts so it’s a refreshing change, finally get to live life.


We are not union

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Hello @granitestater thanks for the info! Would you mind if I PM you with some more questions?

Thank you for this info. This is very helpful. Definitely doesn’t sound like a bad job at all. I appreciate the help.

Go for it