Seward Services / USNS Guam

Does anyone have any information on working for Seward Services and/or more specifically, on the USNS Guam? They seem to have several positions open for engineers.

Life on the ship?

Thanks in advance!

I worked for seaward for 10 years. Mostly on the Guam/Alakai. I sailed AB and 3m. It’s Good unlicensed pay, compared to most SIU contracts. Its also a private company so no dues/extra Union stuff to deal with. 3M/3A/E pay is around 420-460 a day depending on level of license held in 3rd position/ years of service in the company. Don’t expect to go anywhere other than Korea/Japan unless something changes for them. MSC took a stranglehold on the operation after the westpac express was sold…so you gotta keep up with your small arms! Expect to carry a 9mil around with you on watch etc. Which gets annoying. Overall a decent company. The home office shows favoritism so prepare to join a popularity contest if you want to move up. I went Union, I get paid waaay more and have guaranteed advancement as long as I don’t fuck up too bad! Good luck on your job search. ( I know I’m a little late on the reply hopefully it’s still relevant) fair winds.