Seaward Services Inc

I noticed Seaward Services Inc. has posted a few openings for 3rd and 2nd mates. Does anyone know anything about this company? Are they manning MSC ships? Is there a rotation? A few of the posting say you’ll be residing in Norfolk.

The lasting posting on this topic was back in 2016 and the info was a bit sparse, wondering if anything has changed since then or anyone knows anything.

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They operate a high-speed ferry in Maine, and possibly other places. A few years ago they had the contract for Warfighter 1, a prototype Navy catamaran in Panama City, FLA and the two Hawaii Superferries that were converted for MSC troop carriers, now renamed USNS Guam and USNS Puerto Rico, One was based in Philadelphia and wasn’t scheduled to move any time soon.

When they talked to me.I was asked bullshit questions that were likely taken from an article in Psychology Today like What is your strongest trait? What is your weakest? etc…

Now, If you click on Apply at their website it takes you to a stupid pop-psychology questionnaire that lists hundreds of possible traits that you self-assess on. Good luck with that.


haha no kidding. Do you know if they do even time? or is your schedule a little closer to that of an MSC ship?

I saw the USNS Guam when I was in Naha, funky looking ship.

No current info on rotation.

The jobs are on TSV1 and TSV4. Stationed at Little Creek. I’m told the pay is on the low side. About 160 days underway. All along the East Coast.

First, I asked How does a non-union outfit get the contract to run MSC vessels?

Possible answer : High-Speed vessels are Seaward’s niche, I guess.


If MSC is convinced a company can manage and operate the vessels it is a non question. Being union or not really has nothing to do with MSC contracting except for having an available manpower pool to draw from.

TSVs are training support vessels. Not MSC. Hybrid Fltmar and KTR crew. Seaward is partnering with Great Eastern Group which won the contract to man select billets on 4 TSVs.

Anyone know what that means in English?

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It means if you don’t already have a govt clearance don’t bother applying would be my guess.

Mates jobs require a secret clearance. Remainder of crew require background check equivalent to DoD ENTNAC. TSVs (there are 4) shift from ROS to FOS depending on the Fleet Training schedule. FOS about 170 days per year.

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