Scanned MMC - Application - Which Section Is Relevant?

This seems like a silly question to me, but when an application is asking for a scan of your MMC, which section of it are they asking for?

The main page with my photo and identification, the certificate section that states the positions I can hold, the signature page, all of the non-blank pages? Should I add a digital stamp that says ‘COPY’ in red over each scan?

If multiple sections are required, do you all generally condense it into one-page?

What about the medical card, do they give hoot about that?

I do all pages that have stuff, not the blank ones if you have any. Luckily mines been condensed to half of what it was. I gave a copy of the med cert just because why not. I scan the mmc so 2 pages per scan page.

I give them a copy of each page with info on it. My latest one is about 8 pages which is a PITA but it’s because I was sent stickers when I upgraded.

The more you send them the better (if you’re not sure).

Just finished my latest renewal, they want every page.

FYI- if you have the limit on your endorsement because of the new STCW rules, you will have to submit another application to get rid of it.

From the USCG

To remove the STCW limitations, you would need to submit an application to your Regional Exam Center with copies of the course certificates requesting the STCW endorsement to remove the limitations. There is no charge. [/I]