If I get a replacement MMC will it include stickers, or will my endorsement be included in the printed portion of the document?

The Coast Guard is sending me my MMC with my STCW International endorsement as a sticker. I am wondering if there is any way for me to receive my MMC with the ‘STCW domestic only’ limitation removed in the text of the license? Can I have my MMC replaced at a later date without that limitation written into the text?


I may be wrong but I am under the impression that you will continue to get stickers until you renew. For example, if you have been accruing additional stickers removing limitations or doing upgrades, when you look yourself up via the credential verification link, everything in your book will be there even the inferior endorsements that no longer apply…when you renew you get a new mmd book and thats when the lesser endorsements get removed.

You may try to ask them for a new book however i think they are reluctant to do that before a renewal. I ran out of pages a few years ago and i remember it being a pain in the ass trying to justify my need for a new book without the lesser/previously held endorsements.

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Everything will be printed in. No stickers.