Adding MMC pages

Anybody know what happens when you run out of pages to add stickers to your MMC? Looks like I’m going to have that problem before my next renewal if I make all the planned upgrades as soon as I’m able. Unfortunately they’re license upgrades, not adding endorsements from classes, so I can’t really batch them.

Is it like a passport where you can request additional pages to add? That would screw up the concatenation of the existing stickers.

Been down this road before. Call the NMC, have some patience and explain your situation. It’s been a few years for me being in this predicament, but i believe you need to fill an app out requesting a duplicate book and a written explanation why.


I tried this a couple
Months ago the told me I had to do a renewal

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Anytime I’ve applied for more than one or two endorsements they’ve sent me a new book without having to request it

I ran out of pages once. They sent me a new book. I don’t recall the specifics, but I think it was simple enough.

I remember asking that in the early days of the “red book of Mao” and was told, “Oh, that isn’t likely to happen.”

Hold my beer…

They sent a new book.

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My memory is fuzzy, but i want to say they tried to charge me for a new book. I managed to side step that outcome.

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Just renew when you upgrade. If you have STCW endorsements, as long as your revalidation classes (or your originals) were done within 5 years you don’t need to do them again and renewing doesn’t add any cost to the upgrades.

That will also get you extra time before you need to do them again.

Let me know the outcome

So did you get a new book?

NMC is supposed to be fixing this with a new style of credential. It folds up and supposed to be durable.

Seems silly where did you find that link

Someone posted it to Reddit. I assume it leaked out of the NMERPAC meeting in December.

This guy called it. Amd it is silly