Duplicate MMC

Long story short I work on a tug and my MMC got water damaged. All of the important pages are there (picture, ratings,endorsements), but they are delaminated and some of the extra pages are missing. I just applied for a duplicate MMC (anyone have an idea how long it will take?). The boat I am on is up for CG and ABS inspection in a couple days. Currently onboard, I have my damaged MMC, which is still readable, and my original MMC which has entry level ratings and is still valid. I also have a digital copy of the damaged MMC from before it got damaged. Would the Coast Guard and ABS find this acceptable? Hopefully I’ll have proof of of my application by that time too. Thanks in advance for any information

My current capacity on this boat is mate, but I am an extra.

Well, if the examiner has any sense at all, he will understand and you’ll be fine.

But I’ve met many examiners with no sense at all.

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They can verify your credentials thru the NMC site if they really had a concern.


Based on what documentation you have, even if damaged, and position you hold, I’d think you’ll be fine with the inspection.

Through every fault of my own, I know the answer to this question very recently. My experience was about one week from email application submittal to REC acknowledging receipt of the application, and about one week thereafter for the MMC to be issued and mailed.

(For the record, I sincerely apologize to all of you for adding to the NMC backlog by requiring a duplicate issue)

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How dare you require a valid credential in order to go to work!

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