Sause and Hornbeck Interviews?

Gulf offshore logistics,
Otto candies,
And E.C.O. is spitting out boats but u have to just be in the right place at the right time with them. Good luck with Foss.
M.S.R.C. Mississippi responder keeps a position open, Kevin gross, and cal dive is doing big hiring if u can put up with dive boats…good luck!

Otto Candies and GOL equal time companies? Do they vary by vessel or is it 2:1?


Do you want a job or do you want a schedule?

Seein as I have a job I’d like to be able to choose mate.

Also, I prefer to be well-informed of companies I apply to. So rhetorical "really"s sans information tend to not be a big help.

I highly suggest the search function then. These questions get covered every day it seems. Not to be a jerk but it will cut out most smart ass remarks.

To be even more helpful, most AB’s work 2-1. All GoM companies hire on an as needed basis. The schedule/job offer is mostly determined by the spot needing to be filled, especially at the deck level.
The thing to do would be to apply, hopefully interview, possibly get an offer, then decide if its what suits you.
Best of luck.

I’ve been lurking this place for going on 2.5 years and never seemed to get a straight on those particular companies. That being said equal time would be only particular companies, I understand that. As a west coast guy I am squarely into equal time. So I figured to weed out 2:1s and not waste their time nor mine.

Well from what I’ve seen, most companies give you a phone interview first. That would be the time to ask. It seems you have wasted more time by lurking than you would have if you would have filled out the application and talked for a few minutes on the phone. You could have called or sent an email to the HR department as well.

Don’t take gcaptain as gospel. No way to know what they are willing to do until you get into talks with them. It all depends on THEIR needs at the time.

Truth be told

Most GOM and river companies are two for one, a lot of the east companies are two for one as well, it seems that equal time (at least for tankermen) is only out on the west coast. that might help; you out on your search for the perfect schedual

Damn we Westies got it good. Other than total union domination.

KOM is on a equal schedule.

Not in Hawaii. And equal time in the Pacific Division is policy, but rarely shakes out that way.

I worked for KOM when they were seacoast and then ksea, equal time to them meet 220 days a year (if you were lucky), still have a lot of friends there that say it is worse than ever

[QUOTE=nazeal;83957]Anyone have luck prior to knocking on doors (via Internet resume/application/telephone) with Sause Bros. or Hornbeck? If so how long did it take for you to hear back from them and such? I’m looking for the AB Unlmtd/Tankerman PIC pov. Thanks a bunch folks![/QUOTE]

I believe Sause Bros. is looking for ABs but not for the tanker man pic. part, you would either have to be an AB/cook or AB/Assistant engineer, if you don’t have a engineers lic. and wanted to work there you would have to start as a AB/oiler and get an engineers lic… Sause Brose has shore based tanker men. As far as Hornbeck goes?

Had to postpone a Tidewater Barge interview due to getting a schedule change from 1/1 to 2/2 on my job. Messed up and shoulda gone :frowning: anyways moving up to Portland soon, so Ill be banging on doors and trying to drum up a job on the CSR or Seattle (A/B Tankerman preferable). Any suggestions or references would be a big help. Feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

Finally up in Portland. Anyone hear of anyone hiring out right now for AB or AB tankerman?

Slow up here due to labor issues but hit all the company’s , OTB might be your best bet. Good luck.