Knocking on doors still works

Did the knocking on doors thing about five weeks ago in the oil patch. Most offices were very polite and said maybe in a couple of months. But there were also several that were were a little more positive.

Since then one company got back to me, and I was hired. It was one of the companies that I really hoped to go with, and I accepted the position.

As someone else who posts here said, “There may not be may jobs out there, but you are only looking for one.”

There is a huge advantage to introducing yourself face to face with a potential employer. I’ve found the companies that I had a good experience did some kind of interview prior to offering me a job as they know there is more to a employee than a resume. Good references with past supervisors is a big plus and I would expect them to call to verify your experience.
No references generally means your resume and experience is questionable and not worth the risk.

I’m a cadet at Great Lakes Maritime, I went down to Houston and a few places in Louisiana last week and stopped in almost a dozen places. Just to introduce my self to the HR people and drop off a resume. I’m trying to line something up for the 2 months I have off after our Summer Cruise on the Training ship. Many companies where extremely nice and spent a few minutes talking to me. Most where shocked to see I drove 20 hours down there. One even cleared their calender for the afternoon and spent a lot of time talking to me and giving me a full tour of all of their facilities.

Congrats on getting a job, hopefully the drilling permits keep on rolling and a bunch of boats are back to work this summer so there’s job openings for the rest of us.


It was so nice having you as a guest at my Bed & Breakfast, “A Chateau on the Bayou” while you knocked on all of the doors.
I was fortunate to get to know you in the past 2-3 years as you completed your schooling, got the HR people to know your name and face, and reached the ultimate goal of obtaining your dream job.
Your perseverance and determination were much to be admired.
I have learned so much about the marine industry from the mariners that have stayed here in the past 5 years since I opened my B&B.
It’s been a very interesting journey watching many of you reach your goals.
I am truly very happy for you.
Looking forward to hearing more from you, later.:smiley: