Sause and Hornbeck Interviews?

Anyone have luck prior to knocking on doors (via Internet resume/application/telephone) with Sause Bros. or Hornbeck? If so how long did it take for you to hear back from them and such? I’m looking for the AB Unlmtd/Tankerman PIC pov. Thanks a bunch folks!

I don’t know about the others, but Hornbeck will give you an interview “IF” you show up in person. I don’t know what they (Hornbeck) are looking as far as an AB is concerned. But when I was out there last, they had over 2,500 OS and over 1000 AB applications. With those odds getting results via Internet resume/application/telephone may take quite a bit of effort. Methinks you’ll have better odds at winning the lottery.

Now…if you were a Captain with DP… Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe ….sending out a post-it note in the shap of a paper airplane would probaly get you hired without a thought.

I applied to HOS online. Never heard a thing. I flew out, rented a car, drove up there, walked in and they took time to speak with me. That’s how it works. Good luck to you.

They get about the 3000 apps a month. It takes them awhile to go thru all of them.

I wnet in to the office in Covington 4 times over a year long period. Each time I was told they were not hiring AB’s at the moment. Was treated politely though. The 4th time I noticed on their website they were hiring AB’s. The day before they were not. I went in the following morning early and was asked to come back the next day for interview and they hired me. The interviewer said to me that " the squeeky wheel gets the grease you have been here several times before! " So it does pay to knock on the door. Just be polite and respectfull of their time yet be persistanrt. Also send in resume online. They seem to be more up to date with their actual hiring needs on their website than most companies I went to. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Yeah I intend on heading over and knocking, just getting the lay of the land first. Prolly go out to Coos Bay first, then over to Covington with a stop in Nashville at Ingram. Anythings gotta be better than an AB Unlimited PIC making 16 an hour with only basic medical benefits :slight_smile:

I emailed HOS my resume and got a call a few days later. Had an interview and got a job offer (AB). I could say I got the call because I had such an impressive resume but I think much more likely I just had good/lucky timing.

Also will knock on Blessey Marines door while I am at it, since it seems Ingram pay tends to be on the low-end.

Anyone know offhand any Columbia River towboat companies that are taking walk-ins or Internet hires?

You could try them all, Harley marine, shaver, foss, brusco…

Harley doesn’t seem to have openings, foss told me only through IBU, brusco I’ve yet to hear back from (will stop by though) and Shaver isn’t hiring. Maybe a few more I haven’t heard of

Tried Tidewater Barge yet?

Nope I’ll check it out!

If you watch the Shavers, & Tidewater web sites they post when they have openings & what positions are available. Don’t think they take too many walk ins anymore, at least not at Shavers.

Might try Kirby Offshore (formerly K-Sea, formerly SeaCoast) up in Seattle. If you’ve got a PIC endorsement, they’ll give you an interview. Things seem to be changing for the better since Kirby took the helm. I know you want the Columbia, but I think it’s a pretty limited market. Shaver promotes from within and new hires are part time only, so you could starve before becoming full time.

What did you apply for, and did you get hired?

Nazeal…Instead of applying for every company out there, why not just apply for 2-3 that you would really like to work for long term, and be persistent???

I was looking for an OS position. My tiny little 50 ton basically qualifies me to work as a deckhand, so that’s where I am looking to start. I have the ticket, TWIC and STCW but I did not get hired so I am regrouping now. I am taking AB and the Lifeboatman PSC class this month (Oct) and I’m going right back out there as soon as I am done. I WILL get hired and make it a reality. Its only a matter of time.

As far as only applying to a few companies and being persistent is concerned- I guess it all boils down to how bad you want it. While I understand that rational and you might even get lucky, it would seem like you are severely limiting your prospects.
Either way I wish everyone good luck in their searches.

Persistence is my middle name :slight_smile:

I’d prefer to work at those companies but I like having a few options

Well nothing positive back so far. Sause said they weren’t taking A/Bs currently but would keep me on file (so that’s good!) Bernert wasn’t hiring either (but I’m told my résumé will stay on file. My current hope And persistence lies with a Deck Mechanic Job for Tidewater Barge Lines and Olympic Tug and Barge! Fingers crossed.